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This is a permanently mounted monitor that has been used in labs throughout the country for more than 30 years.  It is commonly installed on a laboratory wall where the flow can be discharged directly to the drain. It operates on a divided flow principle, using a capillary to create a changing hydrostatic head. This small back pressure actuates a pressure switch and a relay to control outlets.

Flow Range: Minimum about 0.13 liter/minute, maximum about 12 liters/min.

Three versions of this heavy duty unit are available:

MODEL WF- 1: Has two outlets that switch OFF when flow fails, one for a heater and the other for a solenoid valve.

MODEL WF-3: Has four outlets—two for heaters, one for a solenoid valve, and one to sound an alarm. Made for multi-heater set-ups.

MODEL WF-6: Has seven outlets that switch OFF when flow fails, six for a Soxhlet extraction set-up, and one for a solenoid valve.

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