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Detects spills on your
bench or floor

Note: SPILL ALARM & CUT-OFF™ can respond to
several Sensors connected together.


This handy device will turn electrical equipment OFF or ON if the Sensor detects a spill on the bench or floor — wherever the sturdy acrylic sensing block is placed. A audible alarm sounds during a spill condition. A solenoid installed in the water supply line and plugged into the Controller will turn OFF the water if there is a break in the line.

  120V, 50-60Hz




Ship. Wt.


SP-1 SPILL ALARM & CUT OFF with Sensor block on 6' cable.  
One outlet, 1500 watts
5 lbs. Call
SP-AB Sensor, acrylic block 1 lb. Call


All prices EXW, Terre Haute, IN

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