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Model OTP-1500

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• Easy to Install — simply plug the two-bladed input connector of Type J thermocouple into the port on    the Cut-off Controller case

• Convenient to Use — screwdriver setting is protected from careless "fiddling" by the recessed location of the adjusting screw.

• Ideal for Micro Apparatus — use wherever a thermocouple can be used.

• Wide Operating Range — from 0C to 760 C for J Type thermocouples  and 0C to 1100C  for K Type thermocouples.

• Ample Capacity — 1500 watts resistive max.  

The unit can be rack-mounted or used on the bench-top and will accept any size or shape— immersion or surface mount— Type J or K thermocouple.  This makes it suitable for use with all kinds of set-ups.

OVER-TEMP PROBE (OTP) Model 1500 provides the separate, over-temperature back-up that should be used to guard against trouble if a reaction "gets away" from the primary controller.  After the device is set to the desired temperature, the OTP functions like a circuit breaker; cutting off the power and leaving it off until the Reset Button is pressed.  A green LED glows when the unit is functioning; a red one comes on if a cut-off has occurred.


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