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Capacitance-actuated to monitor liquid levels, vacuum/pressure or temperature.

How a Capacitance Model TOW operates:

It consists of a Sensing Head and an Amplifier/Controller.  The Sensing Head clips onto thermometers or other non-metallic tubing and contains a small electronic oscillator that is sensitive to minute changes in the electrical "Capacitance to ground."  A change in liquid level affects this oscillator and activates the Amplifier.  Sensitivity when using polar liquids is determined by the dielectric capacity of the liquid column.  In liquid level applications, an 8mm diameter glass tube containing water has a sensitivity of about 0.2 mm.

When a change above or below the preset level is sensed, two power outlets on the front of TOW will be activated. One outlet is normally ON and the other normally OFF. Power output, which varies with each model, can be used to turn heating mantles, cooling systems and other electrical equipment ON or OFF.


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