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Model* Description/
Capacity Watts Ship. Wt. Price
108A L6-1000SS

General purpose, use with VARIAC or POWERSTAT, full line voltage

1000 8 lbs. Call
All Series L7 models below have integral 
variable voltage control
108A L7-800SS

General purpose

800 8 lbs. Call
108A L7-1100SA

Heavy duty, with built in alarm.

1100 8 lbs. Call
108A L7-1100SA/28T

Heavy duty, with built in alarm and 28 hr. timer

1100 8 lbs. Call
  • L6-1000SS 120VAC, 50/60Hz

  • All L7 models 120VAC, 60Hz

  • * These Solid State units can be "piggy-backed" with a TCA/1 Thermocouple Adapter (TCA).

  • Dimensions of all controllers: 5" W X 6-1/4" D X 6" H

All prices EXW Terre Haute, IN

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