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SAFE — Sturdy metal frame for safe support of heavy loads with safe, simple locking mechanism.

DURABLE — Strong Fiberglas webbing for flask cradle. (Replacement webs are available and easily installed.)

CONVENIENT — Easy to set up. Device attaches readily to vertical rods on standard lab frames.



Here's a real breakthrough in the safe use of 12 and 22 liter round-bottom flasks. The support system holds the flasks safely in a cradle even when the heating mantle has been removed or lowered. It also provides for safe pouring from the flask by simply tilting the cradle. 

The support cradle for TILT-N-POUR™ is a sling of Fiberglas webbing, hung from a sturdy frame. When you want to pour off the contents in the flask, the supporting frame can be easily unlocked and tilted without disturbing the flask itself. The unique flask support allows:

1. Full support of a flask without the use of neck clamps.

2. Raising or lowering of a heating mantle without disturbing the flask assembly, since the mantle does not support the equipment.

3. Tilting and pouring from the flask with full support.

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