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  Stock Stainless Steel Sheathed thermocouples - I2R stocks a variety of the most popular sizes in the three most popular calibrations J, K, and T. These sensors are manufacture to strict specifications using standard limits of error grade wire and 316L grade stainless steel for high corrosion resistance.

J Type
K Type
T Type


Special Order Thermocouples   Special Order Sheathed thermocouples - I2R can provide thermocouples to meet your demanding specifications. A special thermocouple would include any sheathed design not covered in our general stock

Special Sheathed Thermocouples


Dual Thermocouples Special Order Dual Sheathed thermocouples - I2R can manufacture two thermocouples into one sheath to ease redundancy in system requiring dual sensing.

Special Dual Sheathed Thermocouples


Surface Mount Thermocouples   Flat Wire surface Mount thermocouples - Our line of Flat wire thermocouples offer a unique and inexpensive way of measuring surface or interface temperature with a sensor of remarkable response time.

Flat Wire Surface Mount Thermocouples


    Special Wire, Washer, Lug Thermocouples - These thermocouples find application where mounting is needed and response time can be critical.  I2R can provide thermocouples to meet your demanding specifications. These couple can be configured in a variety of ways.

Special Wire Thermocouples


    Thermocouple Extensions - A cost effective way to extend your thermocouple or connect different connector styles is to use a thermocouple extension.

Thermocouple Extensions


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