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Pneumatic Jack

Pricing Information

• Raises & lowers lab equipment automatically

• Use with THERM-O-WATCH® Controller in running mildly exothermic reactions

• Provides an added measure of safety when using hot oil baths



The original is used in combination with THERM-O-WATCH®  or any other ON/OFF to control mildly exothermic reactions that are tedious to run because the source of heat has to be removed quickly and cooling applied promptly. JOM does this automatically by lowering the platform and turning ON cooling air via a flexible hose. With stronger exotherms, use JOM to raise a cold bath when reaction temperature rises. JACK-O-MATIC® (JOM) is an air-operated lab jack that can perform functions such as raising and lowering heating mantles, oil baths and cold baths. JOM operates on laboratory compressed air. JOM can also be controlled by other lab monitors such as RESERVOIR MONITOR™ SPILL ALARM & CUT OFF MONITOR™ and WATER-FLOW MONITOR™.

Air Filter/Pressure Regulator:

To protect JOM from dirt and moisture always present in laboratory air lines, an air filter is essential. The combination air filter/pressure regulator shown has two Quick-Disconnect fittings for conveniently attaching one or two JOM.

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