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Infra Red Heat Lamp

Here's a heat lamp unit that's ideal for lab work.  It's easy to clamp to apparatus frames or ring stands. It has a multidirectional swivel joint that lets you aim it where you want, and it is steady enough to stay aimed. A rugged aluminum grille protects the lamp (and protects you from the lamp). This HOTSPOT heat lamp will keep you and your safety committee happy.

  • HOTSPOT is versatile. With the variable voltage control model, you can readily turn the heat up or down.

  • HOTSPOT is ideal for a variety of heating or drying applications in the lab, like films, paper chromatographs, etc.

  • Couple HOTSPOT with a  THERM-O-WATCH® and you can maintain fluids at constant temperature.

  •  Couple it with a MANO-WATCH®  and THERM-O-WATCH® or MANO-WATCH® alone to vaporize liquids at constant pressure.  

HOTSPOT comes complete with aluminum housing and grille, 250W infrared lamp, integral 1/2" support rod, and 6'  3-wire cord. Plugs into any standard grounded outlet.

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