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BAL-GUARD™ Draft Shields
Protect Top-Loading Balances


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• Faster Readings  
• Greater Accuracy
• Save Time

BAL-GUARD™ Draft Shields make weighing with top-loading balances easier by protecting against drafts. With BAL-GUARD™, your balance stabilizes faster, so reading is simplified. BAL-GUARD™ also acts as a "safety" shield by protecting against accidental lab mishaps. It is constructed of sturdy 1 /4" clear acrylic, with a removable aluminum top cover. Three models accommodate most top-loading balances (Mettler, Sartorius, Ohaus, Sauter). Two of these models are for the low compact electronic balances. The other one is for balances similar to the Mettler P120 & P2000.  BAL-GUARD™ can also be used as a sturdy protective shield for other lab instruments and set-ups.

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