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GLOW-BOX™ Light Boxes
The Preferred Choice of Scientists and Safety Engineers

Flat-Surface Light Box for General Purpose Viewing

Intermediate GLOW-BOX

Slanted GLOW-BOX™
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• Even Lighting - minimizes distortion
Cool Lighting -  will not damage material Portable - carry like a briefcase
• Compact —  stores in desk drawers (except long model)
• Collapsible handle


GLOW-BOXlight boxes are designed to be used flat, upright or tilted. Three sizes are available to accommodate most charts, films, slides and chromatograms. Even, cool lighting prevents distortion and damage to materials caused from excessive heat. The top surface is made of 1/4" thick translucent acrylic plastic.  If cutting on the surface is desired, a glass plate can be slipped over the acrylic for protection.

Every GLOW-BOXcase is formed from heavy gauge steel, carefully fabricated, and finished with baked-on enamel. The rubber feet at each corner of the case are fitted on the ends of threaded rods which permit adjustment of the GLOW-BOXfrom level to a convenient 30 tilt if desired. They also protect the desk top and provide a "grip" to keep the GLOW-BOXin position. The acrylic plastic working surface is highly resistant to breakage. The heavy-duty cord is equipped with a 3-prong grounding plug.

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