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GLOVE BAG™ Inflatable Glove Chamber
Great when working with air-sensitive or moisture-sensitive materials

"X" & "R" Models
with equipment opening in front

X Model ... is supplied in five different sizes, has the equipment entrance in front, between the two integral gloves.  This model is ready to use, the gloves have been turned in, talc is in the gloves.

R Model ... differs from Model X in that the gloves are not turned in or powdered.  To order R's substitute R for X in Model No. and subtract $3.00 per box from Model X prices.

Variations of GLOVE BAG™ can be offered. Contact the factory for details or if you have a special need discuss it with us.

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Do not use for handling toxic materials except in a well-ventilated hood or an OSHA-approved control system.





Convenient - It is used like a rigid glove box but has much greater flexibility.  It is made of 3 mil thick polyethylene, with integral gloves.  Equipment sleeve and the bag is then inflated.

Disposable - It is economical enough to be used once and discarded, if contaminated, but it's durable and it can be used over and over if desired.

Versatile - GLOVE BAGis great for keeping air-sensitive materials from contact with air or moisture.  Use it whenever an inert atmosphere is needed in reactions or in handling reagents.

Economical - Even if you have a rigid glove box in your lab, consider the GLOVE BAG.  It can be purged faster than a glove box, with less gas, and can be easily adapted to fit your special needs.  GLOVE BAGcan facilitate any work you are doing with air-sensitive materials.

Ask for a free copy of our booklet ... "GLOVE BAG Tips & New Uses" ... contains over 100 suggestions to make your work easier.

Download this publication from the Web

Due to increased demand and in view of current events we are not able to honor our money back guarantee on our line of GLOVE BAG ™ Inflatable Glove Chambers. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. GLOVE-BAG ™ IS NOT INTENDED FOR CONSUMER USE.

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